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News From The Vine

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Vineyard Update from our Vineyard Manager, Fin Grieve. 

“The Gumboot Harvest”

“Well we are at the end of a very challenging vintage! Although we were well prepared in the vineyard, we weren’t prepared for the effects of cyclone Ita!

Our harvest started on the 21st March with our first hand pick of Pinot Noir which was also the first harvest of our new 943 clone, this was about 10 days earlier than last year. This was also ahead of our Sauvignon Blanc, mainly due to having our vines at 1 bunch a shoot.

The thing about starting early is that everything else comes early and the weather is no exception! The warm weather disappeared and we waited for our fruit to reach optimum maturity picking selectively as it reached our goals, and then the rain came! We had almost 25% of our annual rainfall in 10 days so it was a mad scramble by all to bring what fruit we had left out in the vineyard in, luckily most of our hand-picked fruit was already harvested.

The rain and conditions meant that disease became an issue, however the whole team in the vineyard and the winery performed miracles and worked incredible hours to ensure that we got everything we could in good condition. This has been our biggest harvest to date and the fruit is looking good in the tanks.

Although a challenging end to the season it showed us how team work, resilience, and good communication can overcome the odds, and although for me this will be remembered as the gumboot harvest, the wines from it will be typically wonderful Mt Beautiful.“

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Summertime In A Glass


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We are pleased to announce that Summertime In A Glass, "an advocacy and information group that seeks to promote, educate and entertain wine enthusiasts and the industry itself on the world of Sauvignon Blanc" has reviewed the 2013 Mt. Beautiful Sauvignon Blanc!

Here are some of the highlights of their glowing review: 

"Like any good Sauvignon Blanc, it has a fantastic and crisp acidity that provides the “framework” for the wine from start to finish, the latter of which hangs nicely for several seconds. It is all very balanced – it is not overwhelmed with a lot of spicy pepper, herbaceousness (in fact, virtually none) or grass characteristics. To be sure, there are bits of these, but they are held nicely in-check allowing the fruit flavors and the crisp, fresh acidity to shine through.

This is a terrific wine. If you are looking for something “different” from what you might expect from a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, I highly recommend this wonderful wine. Check out the 2013 Mt. Beautiful North Canterbury New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc!"

Thanks Summertime In A Glass, we are really excited about our 2013 vintage too!


To read the whole review please click here. 


News From The Vine

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Our Pinot Noir

News From The Vine 

Vineyard Update from our Vineyard Manager, Fin Grieve. 

"Well the nets are on, the vines have been trimmed and leaves plucked, and the weather has been hot and dry, perfect for ripening.

This year the vineyard has produced its biggest crop ever so we have been busy thinning the vines to give us a cropping level that will give us the quality that we are after. Almost all of our hand-picked varieties and clones have been thinned to one bunch a shoot which is both a viticultural and Winemaker's dream, as we can be certain of an evenness in ripeness. The fruit is looking fantastic!

We are about 2 weeks ahead of last year which means harvest is approaching quickly - only 2 weeks away now! All is not in the bag yet though as we are currently under a low pressure system which has been producing thunderstorms, lightning, gale force winds, snow and hail. So far we are surviving and are hopeful of a return to normal sunny weather, fingers crossed!"

The Reverse Wine Snob Voted Us #1!

It's official, we are number 1 according to the Reverse Wine Snob. 

Jon Thorsen is "a wine consumer helping other wine consumers find great grape without breaking the bank. Wine doesn't have to be expensive to be good! All reviews are based on drinking wine normally; no one sip tasting notes allowed."

The one thing that Mr. Thorsen doesn't mention in his bio is his ability to finesse the written word, especially when it comes to wine reviews. Don't believe us? Read his wonderful words about Mt. Beautiful Pinot Noir and decide for yourself. 

1) Mt. Beautiful North Canterbury Pinot Noir 2011 - Brings Its A-Game. 

A simply lovely nose of cranberry, black cherry, a little oak, a little baking spice and some nice floral notes is just the beginning on our new #1 wine. This amazing wine tastes silky smooth with lots of tart black cherry, strawberry and cranberry plus some really lovely spice. Medium-bodied with good acidity, this Pinot Noir has absolutely fabulous balance -- it's one of those wines where everything just comes together. It ends fantastically with a very long cranberry and spice tinged finish. If the Pinot Noir snob in you has prevented you from sampling the fantastic wines coming out of New Zealand, this might just be the wine to change your mind.

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The Reverse Wine Snob: Mt. Beautiful North Canterbury Pinot Noir 2011 - Brings Its A-Game
I pity the fool who doesn't appreciate this Pinot Noir from New Zealand!