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Mt. Beautiful Rosé

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Flavor Profile:
Traditionally made Rosé produced from Pinot Noir juice that was pressed off after a period
of light contact and fermented in barrel and tank. Our 2016 vintage boasts floral notes and
intense sweet red berry aromas on the nose, while offering a dry palate that’s creamy in texture with good acidity. With hints of fresh-cut watermelon and pink grapefruit, this wine is medium bodied with a considerable finish.

Winemaker Notes:
2016 was a great year for Pinot Noir and perfect for making our new Rosé wine, a blend of
our eight Pinot Noir vineyard blocks. Thirty percent of this wine was made by the saignée
method (where freshly pressed juice is bled off after making contact with the grape skins for a
short duration), and the other seventy percent was crushed and left to macerate for 24 hours,
pressed and then reserved in stainless steel tanks. Twenty percent of the total blend was then
barrel fermented, bringing more texture and a creamy mouth feel to the wine. Fermentation
lasted 14 days at a closely monitored average temperature of 16 degrees Celsius. We aimed
for a relatively long ferment to allow for clean, complex flavors to be exhibited.

For the Aficionado:
The Pinot Noir is planted on the Southern section, which has the highest elevation in the
vineyard, providing extra warmth and less exposure to frost. In addition to this our Pinot
Noir is closely planted to reduce vigour resulting in lower crop levels, allowing us to ripen
these grapes to achieve a true expression of this variety. Our Pinot Noir is all hand tended
throughout the season and at harvest. Our mix of Pinot Noir clones were specifically chosen
for their flavour profile with 50% of the vineyard planted in Burgundy clones. Dijon clone
667 fills out the middle palate, while BDX 777 provides a long finish. The rest of the vines
are a mixture of seven other clones, including UCD 5, UCD 6, 114 and 115. The aim of these
selections is to build sound palate structure in the wine, providing a vibrant ruby wine with
ripe fruit, subtle tannins, great length and persistence of flavour.

Tasting Notes:
2016 Mt. Beautiful Rosé