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Laying the Groundwork for the 2018 Vintage

photo: Vineyard Manager, Garrick Guy photo: Vineyard Manager, Garrick Guy

It seems like just yesterday that the vineyard was covered in lush green vines as far as the eye could see. Now, it lies dormant in the middle of New Zealand's winter. We have however begun one of the most arduous, careful and resultantly most expensive activities that takes place in the vineyard each year. It lays the groundwork for the next vintage's success ... and that activity is pruning! 

On the Mt. Beautiful Vineyard we employ two primary forms of pruning; cane and spur. Click here to read more about these in a previous blog post we published.

Our Vineyard Manager, Garrick Guy shared a couple photos taken recently and notes "We have started pruning the Sauvignon Blanc. You are looking at a two cane vine that is halfway through been pruned. We have removed all last season's foliage and are ready to tie down the beginning of 2018 foliage. Plus here's a picture of the awesome sunrise we had yesterday." 


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