Mt. Beautiful

Delicious Duo

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Analysis at Bottling



Flavor Profile

Sauvignon Blanc: 
Our Sauvignon Blanc pushes the boundaries of the typical New Zealand flavour profile. By highlighting floral aromatics and tropical flavours such as guava and melon-like fruit, we tone down the grassiness and bring a creamy mid-palate all the way through to a fresh and bright crispness on the finish. We have set a new precedent for New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.
Pinot Noir: 
Anyway you look at it, our Pinot Noir is the pinnacle of what we at Mt. Beautiful are all about. Subtlety is the secret inside this wine. It begins with sophisticated fragrances of black cherries and violets while showcasing an elegantly expressive palate of ripe bramble fruit and subtle tannins. As the personal favorite of our owner David Teece, it’s incredibly important for our Pinot Noir to showcase the best aspects of the varietal, therefore it is grown in the highest elevation in the vineyard. 

The Perfect Match

Sauvignon Blanc: 
Pair Mt. Beautiful Sauvignon Blanc with shellfish, chicken dishes and especially a good attitude.
Pinot Noir: 
Pair our Mt. Beautiful Pinot Noir with crispy duck, wild pork and watercress sandwiches, spring lamb and a romantic mood.